Getting your laundry done in the picture perfect manner can be a daunting task, especially when we do not have the correct guidance for doing so. You might take a look at some of the best laundry doers and gasp, - “how do they even do that?”.

So here we are today with 15 best laundry tips that we have gathered from the laundry service in Gurgaon, which will make your laundry extremely easy and hassle free at the same time.

You will get to learn a number of interesting facts, which would lessen your laundry timing as well. Once you start implementing them, there will be no looking back.


Some of the best tricks and strategies that you need to know about laundry:

  1. Try creating your own non-toxic detergent to make the clothes last good

Dry cleaners in Gurgaon say that If you have any kind of skin allergy, then you have to make sure of the fact that the detergent that you are using is up to the mark- so that you can feel comfortable after wearing the dresses even when it has been washed properly.

For making that kind of detergents like that you can make use of soda and other ingredients with the use of essential oils so that you can have fresh smelling clothes which will be borax free.

2.Instead of detergent powders, you could also create some of the best organic detergent tabs to make washing easier.

All you have to do is to mix all the natural ingredients like witch hazel, essential oils, and soda and put the mixture in an ice tray to get it chilled so that it can turn into tabs.

Once prepared you will be able to store them for months in the bottles and then, all you have to do is to make sure of the fact that you throw one of them in the machine during washing. Check out the laundry service online to check more!

laundry services in Gurgaon        3. If you have always been annoyed with the problem of losing socks and turning up with single socks, which remain unpaired in the laundry service near me, then this tip is for you.

All you have to do is to make sure of the fact that you store all the socks in a single lingerie bag, and insert the bag in the washing machine. Since this bag is absolutely made up on the net and has a lock system, it will make sure that's the socks are washed properly, and you will not lose any one of them as well.

4. In case you have specific instructions for washing your clothes in local dry cleaners, all you have to do is to write those instructions with the help of a marker on the washing machine so that even when you are not there in your house, and somebody else is doing the laundry for you, they can follow the instructions and get the things done as per your convenience.

Remember that you use a dry erase marker so that you can change the instructions whenever you need it. Most of US note down certain things in our minds while doing the laundry, but forget to implement it, but with the help of marker writing technique, you will never be forgetful about these trivial

Laundry services near me

5. Do you always feel that the towels are always feeling not-so-absorbent? Then the best thing that you have to do is to make sure of the fact that you totally avoid fabric softeners as well as the dryer sheets- because the chemicals present in them actually makes the fabric of the towels hydrophobic in nature- meaning that it tends to retain less amount of water.

If you do have to get the fabric softener, then you have to make sure that you wash the towels with water after it has been soaked in the chemical.

6. Do you have the problem when the towel becomes very scratchy, and you cannot wipe your body with it? Well, the scratchiness can arise from the rough use of the sheets, and if you want to reduce the problem, then you have to soak the towel in the vinegar which is diluted with the water. So ask for a few minutes and wash away; otherwise, the towel might get discolored.

7. You are annoyed with the creases that fall on your clothes while you are putting it for drying? Well, all you have to do is to make sure of the fact that you are putting it for drying on a pool noodle. All you have to do is to cut the noodles lengthwise and fix it on the lower portion of the hanger.

Then start hanging the clothes on it, and you will find that there are no creases at all. Bingo! The pool noodle is smooth and curvy which is why the air drying becomes easier, and the clothes do not have much movement to get the creases.

8. Clothes getting smaller is a huge issue!- We all know how annoying that can be and that is the reason why we have brought an amazing tip that will save you from the problem. In case your clothes have shrunk in size, all you have to do is to mix baby shampoo in some lukewarm and put the clothes in there.

Once that is done, make use of a towel to pick it up gently and stretch it out so that the fabric can relax and the cloth does not get smaller. Incredible!

9. In the whole idea of laundry, drying the shoes seems to be the toughest part because once they are in, they are sure to die by churning in the drier and getting deformed.

If you do not want that condition of your shoes, you have to make sure of the fact that the shoelaces are tied on top of the dryer door and it is hanging while the dryer works on them. This will keep them in shape, and the drying will not take as much time as well! Thank us later!

10. Did you know that right now, sneaker dryer bags are amazing things that you could ever get when you are actually putting something stiff like shoes? Buy one, and it looks just like a lingerie holder.

The only difference is that it sticks to the inside of the front door of the dryer so that it does not get churned and does not end up losing its perfect shape. It is indeed a brilliant invention we must say!

11. If a colored item is leaking, then do not put it in the drier. We understand that it might feel as if the drier will solve the problem to an extent, but it worsens, and the stain is never removable.

So put all the stained clothes up for washing all over again so that the spots can be removed after which you should put them up for drying. And yes, of course, remember not to mix the leaking cloth with the other clothes ever again.

12. Do you have a lot of things to wash and you have no idea where to start from? Well, it is recommended that you start from your delicacies first because they have to be washed by hand and are the most strenuous things to be taken care of.

Also, they dry faster which makes it amazing to be washed in the first place. Later on, you can make sure that you separate the whites from the colored ones and toss them in the washer! So most of your laundry is almost done! Isn’t that easy?

13. OK, this might seem to be a stupid idea to put a laundry sheet in the laundry room of the best dry cleaners in Gurgaon, but trust us, it is never easy to be re mindful of all the rules, so it is absolutely ok to mess up one time or the other.

Therefore, you have to make sure that the cheat sheet is right in front of you so that you can get things checked and see to it whether everything has been taken care of. You can even jot down your specific washing instruction sheet in here.

14. Are you in ardent need of a dryer sheet and you wish you had bought them? Do not worry as an aluminum ball will do the same job for you! The main thing about drier balls is that they are static by nature, but you have to remember- so are aluminum balls! So why not settle for what you have? The result is going to be the same!

15. Black and white laundry bags are the best- even when the other colors seem to be fun!

If you have kids at home and you want them to get their laundry sense sorted, then the best idea is to teach them to keep the white clothing in the white basket and the colored clothing in the black ones. Otherwise, if you show them other colors, they might mix up.

Now that you know about the 15 best laundry tips from the online laundry in Gurgaon to look forward to in the year 2019, why not start today itself? These are fun and makes your laundry a lot easier!

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