Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Information
  1. Information about the kind of devices that you use, your IP address, browser version and category, operating system, page traffic, website navigation, etc.
  2. When you register with us, you will be providing us with the aforementioned information along with some basic details like user ID and email id.
  3. Next, you would have to fill in some other basic credentials like the profile picture, date of birth, relationship status, interests, hobbies, employment type, etc.
  4. Information that is needed for an email
  5. Information that you have to input while buying anything on the platform like your bank details.
  6. Any communicative information that is being sent to and fro the website or the mobile application.
  7. Any other information that you feel like sharing with us.
When will we use your Personal Information?
  1. Administering the website as well as the mobile information and branding of the business.
  2. Customizing and tailoring the application for your needs
  3. Enhancing the services available on the website and the application
  4. Sending offers and goodies with the website and mobile application
  5. Giving you the list of services of the products and services
  6. Send overstatements and invoices to you so that you can get your payment reminders.
  7. Nonmarketing strategy communication
  8. For your special email notification that the user has requested to us
  9. All email newsletters, which can be stopped anytime you want
  10. Your information will be needed to get the marketing and branding communications so that you can avail all the offers of our brand as well as the third party which might seem relevant to you- and this also can be stopped anytime you want.
  11. Providing the third parties with your information but keeping your individual identities confined to us.
  12. Dealing with the queries and solving the complaints of the users.
  13. Prevention of fraudulent activities.


Disclosure of information
  1. To the extent, we are allowed to disclose as per law
  2. With the help of any legal proceeding,
  3. For the defense of our legal rights so that fraudulent activity can be restrained.
  4. For any particular business deal, buying or selling any product or services.
  5. For any individual who might seek help from the court for disclosure of their personal information.
International Data transfer

The information can be transferred to the countries namely- USA, Russia, Japan, China, and India.

Retention of Personal Information
  1. It will be retained as per legal boundaries
  2. Relevant information will be retained only
  3. Retention for the defense of the legal rights of the company and the elimination of fraudulent activity or even credit risk.
Security of the Personal Information
What are your rights to the privacy policy?
  1. Payment or monetary transaction
  2. Your identity that it is you who is asking for the credentials by producing your passport affirmed by a solicitor or even your utility bill showing your current address.
Third Party websites and applications
Updating Information
Cookie Usage
  1. Recognizing the computer or the user
  2. Enabling the usage of the shopping cart
  3. Enhancing usability
  4. Improving search engine result option
Other Identifying techniques

Other techniques can be used for the website and the mobile application to determine the kind of operating system, browser, and websites that you have used, and a lot more.

Personal Information protection policy

Our company will be protecting all the information that you have disclosed to us as per the laws of India.

Updating the personal data

If you have any requests regard the correction of data or updating of the same then we will help you in the best possible manner. You can contact us at Creaseart official mail id.

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